A labour of love

This is an incredible journey by two researchers – practitioners inspired by cutting edge research in education from the West and age old wisdom from the East to develop a pedagogy that brings an inclusive, experiential and purposeful educational experience for students. They created a space for students and teachers to develop critical thinking, reasoning, intuition, consciousness, self knowledge…while meeting rigorous curricular benchmarks to help them succeed at life and face head on the evolving challenges of the world today. In 1998, they created a school and teacher centre to apply and test this unique pedagogy. Now, they share best practices of this educational movement to individual teachers and schools who choose to embrace it.

About the Pedagogy

This pedagogy was developed in 1999 by taking inspiration from the educational theories of Piaget (1998), Vygotsky (1998), Kakar (1997), Neuro-linguistic Programming (Bandler & Grinder, 1981), Krishnamurti (1974), Gandhi (1969), Erikson (1968), Aurobindo (1956), Dewey (1938), Freinet (1927), Gestalt, Yoga, Shamanism and meditation. The active learning strategies and experiential pedagogy in this methodology require children to undertake projects linked to their own real life context. It uses easily available resources in our surrounding that includes the body, space, material resources and the group to generate outcomes that become resources for the learning process.